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things that make me really happy:
  • watching hideously stupid movies with andrew

  • ice cream

  • swimming

  • waterpolo

  • 6 more days of seminary

  • 3 months until my birthday

  • driving

  • 14 more days of school

  • 9 more times i have to walk into my science class

  • listening to music

  • these totally awesome new books that i just got

  • riding to school in jeff's super cool car

  • leaving for europe in one month!!

  • my parents are coming home tomorrow!! (which means that i get to eat real food that i don't have to cook!!)

  • one more late-start day, and i actually get to sleep in this time!!

  • getting my hair cut this weekend with megan!! i've been planning to for forever, but i've never gotten around to it...

  • GIRL'S CAMP!!!!

  • sweden!!!

  • go-kart racing, man i need to convince someone to go with sometime soon...

  • mini golfing in prom dresses

  • my friends

  • stealing cale's car, and driving around in it picking out our future homes

  • gal pal parties

  • playing in our treehouse

  • barbie jeep races

  • arizona!!!

  • having crazy random im conversations that usually end in me getting really confused and angry

  • my cousins!!!

  • fireworks, firecrackers, and all the other random (proububly illegal) explosive things that we got in idaho

  • my board-shorts

  • "hub-caps are like eyebrows..." man, that made my day!!

  • singing primary songs at 6:30 in the morning

  • dancing around with balloons in our pants

  • and the most happiest of all:
  • all my clothes are clean!!!

  • haha, i'm way way way too easily amused, but that was fun. i think everyone should copy my wonderful self and make a list of everything that makes you happy because it's really fun, and it makes you laugh, remembering all sorts of stupid and funny things.... yeah, i'm rambling now... i'll stop.
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