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i guess i´m really not too good with computers... i can´t make it let me log onto my e-mail... it just closes the window... hmmmm... well, atleast i re-set the clock!! now it has the correct time of 22:57!!! oh man, i HATE 24 hour clocks!! they´re so confusing!!! and this keyboard is making me mad too!!! it´s all screwed up!!! well, it´s not really that bad... it´s just the z and y switched places, and there are all the crazy öäüß letters in really wierd, i complain alot!! hmmmm... i guess maybe it´s because i really really really need to get onto my e-mail... maybe i´ll try at the school... actually, i proububly won´t be there too long... seeing as we don´t really get in trouble if we leave... and seeing as how there are a ton of really nice bakeries in the town... darn it!!! i have a presentation to do tomorrow... oh well, i guess i´ll just make-up junk... seeing as i don´t really feel like researching the american school system, and seeing as no one will really listen while we´re presenting anyways... yeah, whatever..
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