Lindsay (polo_girl) wrote,


i am so so so so so proud of myself!!! i figured how to get this stupid ancient computer to work!!! wow, i feel like a compleate loser saying this, but this week has been so hard not having any contact with anyone from davis!!! it was terrible!!! well, not really that bad... i did go to paris for a day, have finally had the wonderful experience of ditching school, and i´ve had so much fun being HALF A WORLD AWAY FROM MY PARENTS!!! it´s great!!! even though at random times i really miss my family... like when we were all sitting around outside of a bar and then all of a sudden i missed andrew, because he would be going crazy and would be drinking the entire time if he had come!! yeah, i´m strange.

it still doesn´t seem like i´m in europe... i mean, i´ve always wanted to go to europe, but i never thought i´d actually go!! and it didn´t really hit me the entire time i was in paris that i was in PARIS!!! i don´t know... it´s just kinda wierd. hmmmm... it´s really wierd, right now it´s 10:30 at night here, but it´s only lunchtime at home... yeah, the first day i was here, i totally forgot about the time difference, and called my parents at 3 in the morning... they weren´t too happy...

must go, but does anyone want me to bring them back anything specific?? i don´t know... i was trying to think of things to bring back for people... but i was having alot of trouble... just e-mail me if you do, i think i´ll be checking that more than i´ll be checking this...

auf wiedersehn!! hahaha, that sounds really wierd!!
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